Thursday, 4 June 2015

3 Words of the Day

Vehement  (adjective)
(showing very strong feelings, especially anger)
Example - A vehement attack on the government.

Timid   (adjective)
(Easily frightentened, shy and nervous)
Example - A timid voice broke into their lovemaking.

Tepid   (adjective)
(used about liquid only slightly warm)
Example - She lifted her canteen and allowed herself a swallow of the tepid water.

Best of Luck , Enjoy Yourself.....

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

What is Hydraulic Accumulator ?

Hydraulic Accumulator is a device which is used to accumulate or store pressure energy of a fluid. This energy may be supplied at a later stage to drive a machine tool for any sudden and intermittent operation just like Lifting Load, Hydraulic  Crane etc.
Fig shows Simple Type Accumulator
  Basically Flywheel acts like a flywheel. It stores energy when there is need of energy and supplies it when there is shortage.
For Example in case of hydraulic crane a large amount of energy is needed to lift a load when the crane moves up. This energy is supplied by Hydraulic Accumulator. However when the load moves downwards, no large external energy is required at that time, now the energy of pump is stored in the accumulator.

Above figure shows Dead Weight of Gravity type Simple Accumulator,  in this type of accumulator force is applied by using weight. Concrete block, steel plates may be used to provide the required weight. The System consist of a Hydraulic Cylinder, RAM which reciprocates inside the Cylinder.On the top of the RAM , weight is placed as per requirement.

As the fluid enter into the cylinder, weight gets raised. The Potential energy of system is increased. This Potential energy is released at the time of lowering the weight giving discharge of fluid.

Capacity of Accumulator  =  Workdone in lifting the RAM
                                             = P*A*L

P = pressure in the cylinder,
A = Area of Sliding RAM,
L = Length of Stroke

3 Words of the Day

As I mention in my previous post, here I am giving three more English words.

1. Placid (adjective)
(calm and not easily excited)
E.g  The Monk remains placid.


2. Commemorate (verb)
(to remember a special event of past)
E.g. A statue commemorating all the soldiers who died in last war.

3. Eager  (adjective)
(excited for doing something,  full of desire or intrest)
E.g We are all eager to start work on new project.

How to increase English Vocabulary

Words are the root of any language. Here we talking about English Vocabulary, if you want to be expert in English then you need to know about the meanings of different English words so that you could speak English  attractively and also listen and understand clearly to others. Let us take a Example, which shows you the value of vocabulary.

Speaker RSV - Hello  John, how are you.
Speaker RK   - Just great,

Speaker RSV - Can you give me an atlas.

Now if Speaker RK knows the meaning of Atlas, then he will give the answer without taking seconds, otherwise he will no longer able to continue the conversation. I think you understand what I am saying ok.

Now the question comes in mind how to learn vocabulary. I will suggest you the simplest and easy way to increase your word power without any extra labour.

First of all you need to have strong determination to do any specific work.Most of us thinks much higher but do nothing to make it real. So my advise is to be serious about it.

Second, but important thing is "Continuously". It means do not give up your work until you perfect in it. Most of us do some work in few days with full desire but after some time we leave it, which is very bad thing. So do the work continuously.

The 3rd point is Quality of work. If you are studying whole day without quality, then it is nothing more than wasting your time. You should do smart work in the place of lenthy and bored work.Study of two to three hour is sufficient for it.

The 4th point - Now its time to give up hindi translation.Try to learn the meaning of words in  English. In starting you have to face some problems but as the time passes you will fit in it.

The 5fith point is to learn the meaning of words in the form of phrase (sentence). Try to use the new word in your own made examples .It will clear the meaning  of word and you will also know more words.

Learn three English word daily. Note the three New words from any dictionary, online or other sources and write it on your notebooks with their meaning in the form of phrase and examples.
Revise the words in the day when you are free for 2 to 3 minutes.

If learn three word each day then you will learn 546 words in a year.

3 words*7 days = 21 words

21 words* 4 (no of weeks in a month) = 48 words

48 words*12 months = 546 word approximately.

Today Three Words are Given below

1. Writhe  (verb)

(to turn and roll your body from pain)
 E.g. He was writhing in pain .

2. Zenith  (noun) 
(the highest point on sky that sun or moon reaches, directly upon you)
E.g. As the sun reached its zenith they start to eat the food.

3. Seam   (noun)

(the line, where two pieces of cloth are sewn together )
E.g.  The Seam of Cricket ball is very sharp to spin.

Learn these three words and revision all the words in weekend.I will posted more three new words soonly for you.Best of luck thank you.